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Poker Parlour - Cash League


** € 3,000 to be added from the Casino **


Cash league starts January 10th 2019 and ends on April 18th 2019.



Casino is adding €3000 to the cash league money to start with and we will take €1 from every pot. The sum we collect daily will go on top of €3000 added from the casino.


The First 30 players from the cash league when it finishes (after about 3 months), will play a Texas holdem tournament, for the collected sum from the cash league. The tournament will be held on 13/04/2019. The full amount of chips on the final tournament will be 500,000 divided amongst the players in percentages according to the amount of points they have accumulated throughout the duration of the league.






Blinds €1 / €2 one hour of game 2 points.

Blinds €2 / €5 one hour of game 3 points.

For continuous play of 5 hours players will be awarded with 2 additional points.

If the player has played in the tournament before he starts the cash game he will be awarded with an additional 4 points for first hour of play only ( if played 1 full hour).



If the player participates in the pot that is €50 or more he will be rewarded with 1 extra point, even if he loses the pot.

If the player participates in the pot that is €100 or more he will be rewarded with 2 extra points, even if he loses the pot.


At the start of the game the player will get a cash game card from the casino and he needs to give that card back to the poker manager at the end of his game.

If the player doesn´t give the card back to the casino, at the end of play, we will not be held liable for adding these points to his rating in the league.








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