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A brief History of the Carlton Casino Club

The building our Casino is located in has an interesting and varied history. Situated on O'Connell Street Upper, a lot of the older generations, who were familiar with Dublin City Centre back in the 40's up to the 90's, would remember it as the Carlton Cinema. It first opened as a cinema in 1938. However, there was actually a different cinema on the site prior to this from 1915 to 1936, so the location also has connections with 1916.


It was built in an impressive Art Deco style, both inside and out. There was seating for 1,500 in the stalls and 500 in the circle. A stage and dressing room were also included in the design.


In the late 1960's it was taken over by EMI Records. Many concerts were held on the stage in the 1970's, from performers such as Johnny Cash, James Last, Fats Domino, Nana Mouskouri, Marlene Dietrich, and Don McLean, to name but a few.


The cinema was last taken over by MGM Studios and was subdivided into three screens - later a fourth screen was added where the cinema restaurant was located. It finally closed its doors as a cinema on 20th October 1994.

Today the building has become home to the Carlton Casino Club. The Casino has been designed in an opulent Art Deco style to compliment the fine building and to keep the tradition of its heritage.

Contact us - Carlton Casino Club 56 O'Connell Street Upper, North City, Dublin - Call Us - 015154704

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